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About me

Kohei Mikami

I’m Kohei who is a programmer working at Gengo which is based in Tokyo. I’ve also worked in Toronto, Canada for a year as well. I love programming since I was 12 years old, and still, been doing it for 18 years. I learned Computer Science at Kanagawa Institute of University university and have BS degree.

Programming / Skills


My main computer is Ubuntu 16.04 based laptop on ThinkPad X1 Carbon. It works almost everything that I need like Docker, Go, zsh, vim, atom, VisualStudio Code, etc.

C/C++ and Assembly

I built an embedded system to control antennas for TV station when I was working as a part-time job. It was a low-level programming to control OS and electric signals. The most difficult part was to understand C in assembly level because the debugger didn’t show original C source code, so I needed to understand how to behave the memory with resisters. No longer I use C, C++, and Assembly, but I believe the experience made me a good programmer.


I built some eclipse plugin using Java. The plugin is for a code generator from a model. I used EMF(Eclipse Modeling Framework) which is a framework to generate MVC application for Eclipse plugin, to develop a design and testing application for web applications. It generates an application and test code for Struts and Selenium.


Go is a language which currently I’m keen to learn! I built and maintained some API server and as well as OAuth server. I’m also building my web service using Go with gin. I also read code in Docker repo which is written by Go.


I created some game app using Unity.